Current Lab Members

Team members:

  • Dr Rosa Sanchez-Lucas: Postdoc


I finished a higher engineering degree in Agronomy with a project on holm oak seedlings response to drought at the University of Cordoba in 2013 September. In September 2014, I completed a master degree in Plant Protection, Production and Breeding with the project about nitrogen fertilization effects to frost response in olive tree. After this, I got a position to work on pine nuts proteomic profiles during 5 months. In 2015 September, I was awarded a FPU (Formation of University Teaching Staff) fellowship to study my Doctoral degree at the laboratory of Dr Jesus Jorrin-Novo, at University of Cordoba (Spain). In November 2019, I completed my PhD in Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Sustainable Rural Development Engineering with my project on warming temperature effects on olive tree. Currently, I work as a postdoctoral researcher at the School of Biosciences at the University of Birmingham.

  • Katie Stevens: MIBTP iCASE PhD student
  • Isabel Okeke: Visiting PhD student

IsaI am a Biologist from Córdoba, Spain. I started working in fungal pathogenesis, with the fungus Fusarium oxysporum, during the Final Project Degree. Since then, I have continued working with different projects, during my studies in the Master in Biotechnology and as a professional in the same department: Molecular genetics of fungal pathogenesis, in Córdoba. I study the importance in fungal evolution changes to reach the capacity to infect different organisms furthermore some important pathways by which the fungus is able to infect the plant.

  • Harjeet Kaur: MRes student


Originally from India, I did my Masters in Plant Biochemistry from an Agricultural University. I am a hobby artist and a passionate learner and presently learning photography. I will be doing my 1st project of MRes on tomato under the supervision of Dr Estrella Luna-Diez. I have had experience working on tomato for biochemical analysis of quality traits and plant hormones. I really hope to explore, learn and widen the horizons of my knowledge.

  • Martin Lund: MSci student
  • Iwan Evans: BSc student
  • James Henderson: BSc student


I am currently in the final year of my undergraduate degree studying Biological Sciences; focusing mainly on plant science, genetics, and conservation. My interest lies in how human society will have to adapt in order to cope with increasing human populations and an ever-changing climate. With plants playing such a pivotal role in many human essentials such providing food, shelter, and energy they are a key place I believe research and discussion must be focussed. Working with Dr Estrella Luna-Diez and Dr Rosa Sanchez-Lucas, we will begin to look at attempting to induce resistance, using multiple elicitors, in oak seedlings against the fungal pathogen oak powdery mildew. There is a key link to the brilliant work being done at BIFoR FACE experiment, with the majority of tree species within the arrays being Quercus robur and Q. petraea. This work could lead to an approach that helps the survival of young oak seedlings against pathogens and pests, by turning on defence related genes, instead of having to use fungicides and pesticides.

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