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As part of the Forest Edge Doctoral Scholarships, there are 4 projects advertised with my direct involvement as supervisor. Deadline for application, 10th February 2020.

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PhD position as  primary supervisor:

Priming of Defence in an Elevated CO2 World

The goal of this project is to study how oak immunity will be altered under eCO2.
Hypothesis: eCO2 acts as a stress stimulus that can alter the expression of defence mechanisms.

For this project, we will use the unique BIFoR FACE facilities.


PhD positions as co-supervisor:

In collaboration with biologist Marco Catoni: The impact of somatic DNA variation on tree adaptation and evolution

In collaboration with engineer Bruño Fraga: Fusion Forest : securing disease resilience through pattern variability

In collaboration with chemist Pola Oppenheimer: Identification of filamentous pathogens in leaves using Raman spectroscopy


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